Youth 6v6

We are thrilled to announce a Youth 6v6 league. Each session will begin with a 15-minute fundamentals session followed by a 45-minute sixes style lacrosse.

The layout:

  • 6v6 (5+goalie)
  • 12 person roster
  • 76x39 yard field (compared to 100x60 yard field)
  • 30-second shot clock
  • Short sticks only

Fall 2024

Youth PLL stlye 6v6


This will be an hour long event once a week.

Broken down into 1-15  minute session and a 45 minute session

First 15 minutes will be lacrosse fundamentals

Second 45 minutes will be PLL 6v6 style lacrosse. We will split guys into teams before the first day. At this time we will play and have fun!!

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